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Troy and Mo

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Great Travel Site Showdown Returns!

Okay, 2 trips to the hospital, 100+ hours of sick time and one less appendix later, we can finally get the showdown back on track.

A quick recap, Michigan won Group 6, Montana won Group 7 and Ohio won Group 8. Could we see an Ohio v. Michigan match-up in the second round? Better get your team ready George!

So far we have Minnesota, Virginia, Hawaii, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Montana and Ohio already in the second round.

Today, Groups 9 and 10:

Group 9
North Carolina
34. Nebraska
35. New York
36. New Mexico

Group 10
37. Rhode Island
38. Wisconsin
39. Missouri
40. South Dakota

Voting is available on the Travel 2.0 blog and open until Monday.

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