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Troy and Mo

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Orbitz's Leverages Social Commerce with Ask & Answer, a subsidiary of Orbitz Worldwide, has signed on as one of the first major sites to use Bazaarvoice's new Ask & Answer service--bolstering purchase decisions by allowing users to post and respond to specific product and service questions right alongside standard product information. >>Full Story

Thoughts// As the article alludes to, the popularity of the new Yahoo Answers offering is beginning to cause a ripple effect through the online world. While there have been numerous Q&A sites that have tried and failed to gather an audience, integrating this Q&A function into an already existing site (travel, healthcare, financial) does provide another level of service for the users. The primary difference between this feature and a FAQ section or a Live Chat solution, is that the section is available within the actual page, rather than a click or two away from the original content.

While the service has not launched across the entire site yet, we will continue to monitor the success of this new feature and determine possibilities for a similar service on

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