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Troy and Mo

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Travel Trends - TripWiser, Tripbase, Photosynth, Everyscape

TripBase - Another travel recommendation site, TripBase takes advantage of some new technologies to allow users to select what features they want in a vacation and then makes recommendations based on what has been chosen. A great interface and a good site, however booking your vacation takes you to another site (

Tripwiser - Get travel recommendations from other users by browsing various itineraries and then adding trip ideas to your itinerary. The site does feature profiles, but does not appear to take advantage of them in a social recommendation offering.

Everyscape - Combining Google Maps technology with a 3D world created by several hundred images, Everyscape allows users to explore various locations in a true 3D setting. Currently in beta, you can explore the Union Square area of San Fransisco or allow the site to guide you in the 'autodrive' mode.

Photosynth - A new project from Microsoft, Photosynth takes photos from a particular location and creates a 3D image to explore. A user can explore the vairous photos by zooming or clicking around the 3D image. (Note, there is some software to download in order to view this project. Also, it is very memory intensive at this stage of development)

Thoughts// Both Everyscape and Photosynth offer very interesting possibilities of showing a certain location, the Grand Canyon for example, to a potential traveler...further enticing them to travel to the location.

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