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Troy and Mo

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Brands Move Down the Long Tail to Niche Nets

When Levi Strauss launches a new online campaign next week, its ads will be found in the usual portals such as MSN and Yahoo. But the ads will also find their way to some new environments with names not well-known outside fashionista circles, sites like Kaboodle, SheFinds and Zafu.

Levi's is relying on a niche ad network distributed by Glam Media for a campaign running on about 200 small fashion sites. >>Full Story

Thoughts// A good article from Adweek that talks about how companies are using the 'Long Tail' of the web (niche web sites) in their online marketing strategy. As the article explains, these long tail networks only make up a small portion of the overall marketing plan, however they offer the ability to reach out and communicate with the strongest (potential) brand audience. For example, a typical online marketing strategy may target users who are interested in traveling to Florida, but these same users could also be interested in traveling to California, Hawaii or Arizona. By placing a marketing message on these long tail sites, brands can speak directly to the people most passionate about the theory creating trust and a grassroots feel to the campaign. And hopefully, creating a group of brand advocates who will express their passion for the product to friends and family.

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