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Troy and Mo

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Travel Trends - YouTube, Statistics

YouTube Ad Plan Shuns Pre-Rolls - YouTube, via Google, announced today that it has decided not to use pre-roll advertising on YouTube for part of it's ad model. The plan was due in part to the terrible response during testing, with a 15 second pre-roll spot having an abandonment rate of 75 percent. YouTube will now work on perfecting 'overlay' ads with a few content providers. The article also mentions that YouTube does not plan on placing advertising on user-generated videos. An interesting side note to the story, if Google and YouTube are not backing the pre-roll ads, is this the beginning of the end for the pre-roll ad? Would you serve up an ad that 75% of people click to get away from?

The Numbers Game - A good article from Fortune sums up the current debate about online measurement...a set of standards is needed. Consider, as the article points out, Yahoo!'s stats for the month of June. ComScore measures it at 133 million, while Nielsen//NetRatings claims it was 108 million. Too many sources reporting too many different statistics.

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