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Troy and Mo

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Hyatt Rolls Out Ultimate Adventure Challenge

The latest installment of Hyatt Resorts' "Ultimate Adventure Challenge" goes live today. Curium Studios developed the Web-based reality series for Global Hyatt, a project aimed at building brand awareness and affinity for the Hyatt Resorts group of family-focused "adventure" vacation properties.

Hosted at, the Webisodes follow five families as they compete in activities like kayak races, scavenger hunts and jungle safaris during a two-week stint across three US Hyatt Resorts locations. >>Full Story

Thoughts// An interesting promotion and concept from Hyatt, a sort of take-off from The Amazing Race television show. As Jim Forni, executive producer, says in the article, the one of the reasons behind the promotion was to jump into the YouTube craze, but still maintain brand control of the product ("Like many other brands, Hyatt wanted to leverage the participatory energy that's frequently attached to sites like YouTube,but in a thoughtful manner that would integrate the brand without completely turning it over.") Another good quote in the piece explains that the promotion was looked upon as a way to 'nudge' consumers down the purchase funnel without making a typical commercial. An obvious move to use 3 (spectacular) Hyatt resorts as the backdrops for the series completes the commercial within a show concept. With somewhat limited advertising (the article did not go into detail), it will be interesting to see how much participation this promotion, and the Delta SiteSeer Challenge, generate without the easy-to-find, hard-to-target, 'YouTube' audience.

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