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Troy and Mo

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Avoiding 'the Slog' with Horizon Air

Some people call it the "road of regret" or the "heartache highway," but I-5 covering the Seattle-Portland trail has its share of disgruntled road warriors according to Horizon Air. Therefore, with the help of agency Wongdoody, the airline is aiming to placate Northwestern business travelers with not just a $99 shuttle offer, but a website capturing video that canvasses infamous landmarks along the dreaded trail.

Locales with names such as Filthy John's Holler, Molasses Pass, Longblink Gulch and the Bridge of Heavy Sighs comprise the three-hour sojourn, with grey-black, well-edited footage, morose music and amusing narration giving site visitors a vivid feel of each destination on the pathway--conclusively making air travel seem that much more convenient.

Thoughts// A clever creative execution from Horizon Air to promote there 'Horizon Route' for travelers from Portland to Seattle. Speaking from a purely creative / aesthetic perspective, the I-5 slog website (micro-site) is easy-to-read and navigate, well composed and incorporates a good use of online video. The rustic feel of the site is not only a nod to the expeditions that discovered this section of the country, but a reason to keep clicking around the site. It would be interesting to know how this piece was integrated into the overall campaign...via email, online banners or other placements.

So, Mo, is the I-5 really that bad? And do you call it 'the Slog'?

1 comment:

Mo said...

Yes indeed...I-5 is one of the most heavily traveled freeways in the country...and at times it can be a "slog" (especially on holiday weekends).

But it's not as bad as the hassle caused by a bunch of exits being shut down in Tucson for 2 years... :)