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Troy and Mo

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Bugaboo Daytrips

Travel sites have thrived by helping users customize trips, providing travel-related content to enhance the booking experience, and up-selling purchases with car rental and hotel reservations from their partners. Restaurant review sites make it easy to select the right place to grab a bite. A microsite from trendy Dutch stroller company Bugaboo does just that. At Bugaboo Daytrips, users can browse a world map to select a day trip relating to one of over a dozen different cities. >>Full Story

Thoughts// A really interesting example of 1) how to build and display trip ideas with style; 2) How to subtly market your product while giving consumers a valuable service.

The presentation and user interface are sublime; I was totally awed by the minimalist but engaging design and kept digging around to learn about each destination and recommended day trips. When you get to the destination of your choice, you'll note that each of the maps were produced by local artists (Portland map pictured above) and careful attention was paid to convey a sense of place. On the downside however, the site is resource heavy and load times aren't optimal. In addition, none of the PDF maps I downloaded (Portland, LA, Miami) appears to work.

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