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Troy and Mo

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Travel Trends - AMEX Travel, Experience Finder

Members Know Travel - Earlier this week American Express jumped into the very deep social networking / UGC / recommendation pool with a new, card-member only travel site. The site, Members Know Travel is designed to be an 'online community where Cardmembers share their collective wisdom and experiences about travel.' Interestingly, the site also promotes that AMEX members know more about travel because:

  • 94% more likely to travel frequently
  • 90% more likely to travel abroad
  • 73% more likely to take long trips within the U.S.

Overall, a nice looking site with some nice features...the question is are you a loyal enough member to join the official AMEX social network?

Travelocity ExperienceFinder - Travelocity allows users to experience 'the fun' of planning a trip with the ExperienceFinder Planning Tool from the Travelocity Labs. The site, which features several destinations such as Hawaii, New Orleans and Orlando (among others) provides users the option of selecting one of four themes to bring planning a trip. The site, which relies heavily on Flash, provides videos, photos and reviews in, what Travelocity calls, an inspirational way.

1 comment:

Richard said...

Members Know sounds an awful lot like Extravigator. Except you need an American Express Card to see Members Know.