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Troy and Mo

Friday, April 11, 2008

Do Web Users Scroll?

We’ve all heard it: “Web users don’t scroll.” But through our analytics work, our team has found very little actual data to support that common web myth. In fact, one of our biggest clients knows that users can be motivated to scroll down even the longest page (89% of users scrolled a long story page, and fully 60% saw 90% of the page). >>Full Story

Thoughts// An interesting blog post from Avenue A's Digital Design Blog about the age old question on whether web users scroll or not. A recent analysis of user behavior on both e-commerce sites and publisher sites provided some insights into this question. Among the findings:

  • On average more than two-thirds of users on these pages scroll

  • Nearly 75% of these users scroll before they do anything else on the page

  • How far a user scrolls depends on the site; this research demonstrates that on average, users on publisher pages scroll to view about 40% of a page, while users on product pages scroll to view about 60% of a page.

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