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Troy and Mo

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

On the Internet, It’s All About ‘My’

IT’S not you, it’s me. Actually, on the Internet, it’s “my.” The Web is awash in sites that begin with that most personal of pronouns, and not simply MySpace. A few quick clicks will connect you to MyCoke, My IBM, My Subaru, MyAOL — even MyClick, a mobile-phone marketing company. Collectively, they amount to a new world of Web sites designed to imply a one-on-one connection with a corporation or large business. >>Full Story

Thoughts// From MyStarbucksIdea to MySpace and My Travel Journal to MyCokeRewards, organizations large and small have increasingly embraced the "my" prefix to connect personally with consumers (or at least imply a personal connection). This interesting article from the Sunday NY Times discusses the proliferation of such sites and its implications. The majority of today’s consumers are actively already personalizing their digital experiences and viewing niche content and interacting with like minded individuals on niche sites. It's no doubt that consumers love personalization...especially if there's something of value to them.


  • Starbucks claims that the responses from 150,000 consumers who've posted results have resulted in "tangible changes" in the stores. See them here.

  • MyCokeRewards is purportedly the “most robust return-investment models” for Coke (don't ask me what that means!).

  • There are more people who're actively using and signing up for our Travel Journal each month than are signing up to receive our monthly e-mail newletter.

But don't just provide content under a "my" as a thinly veiled attempt to appear to be authentic...personalization and community should be integrated to reflect a real desire to empower consumers and listen to the good, the bad and the ugly about your product or destination.

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