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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Re-Post: My 5 New Year's Interactive Resolutions

Perhaps some of you had too much of that $10 Korbel Champagne Brut or a little too many glasses of eggnog (we are not here to judge), either way we will give you another chance to add your comments to the 'My 5 New Year's Interactive Resolutions' post.

It's pretty simple, just tell us your top 5 interactive / travel related goals for 2008. What do you want to accomplish next year? What are you planning? Let's see how many of us are planning similar projects in the new year.

Don't have any goals? Then what are your 5 wish-list goals? What do you really want to try this year? Facebook? Google? Widgets? RSS?

To get you started here are the 5 goal from the Arizona Office of Tourism and Travel Oregon.

The Arizona Office of Tourism's Top 5 New Year's Interactive Resolutions:

5. Expand our relationship with customers via a comprehensive email program.
4. Start a consumer blog on
3. Add a substantial amount of Arizona-related content, including video, to the site.
2. Enhance our advertising methods to accurately communicate with our target consumer.
1. Determine a clear picture of our ROI with display (banner) advertising.

Travel Oregon's Top 5 New Year's Interactive Resolutions:

5. Enhance user experience and build on current Food/Drink and Outdoor content
4. Create more evangelists for Oregon through interaction on social sites and via GoSeeOregon
3. Expand our e-newsletter create customized interest based editions
2. Finalize a set of common metrics to judge all online campaigns
1. Deploy Oregon's new "partner collaboration" platform ("orb") - a repository of all tourism data (outside our CMS) and a place where partners can edit/upd]ate their info; this will also be the central clearing house for tourism API's and feeds

Post your list in the comments field. Best list wins a $10 Korbel Champagne Brut...if we have any left.

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