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Troy and Mo

Monday, January 28, 2008

Spherical Storytelling

What if you can bring the magic of skiing down Mt. Hood or hiking down the Grand Canyon to life using "three dimensional" video technology where the user can not only get just the linear view but also take in the complete surrounding environment?

With "immersive video" technology you now can. Check out the video below that follows a whale watching expedition. Don't just view on the arrows and use it to look around the boat.

This technology powers Google's Street View and the hardware and software are powered by Portland based "Immersive Media Company". For a few technical details on how it all works view this video on their website. For another look at how this can enhance the web video experience, below is another video sample from folks testing it around at our agency.


Troy said...

Great post Mo.

After the introduction of 360-degree images some years ago, I always wondered how long it would be before we had 360-degree videos.

I think the implications for the travel industry could be quite large, from something like a Grand Canyon tour (as you mentioned) or an opportunity for in-depth tours of hotels, attractions, etc.

And while there is absolutely no comparison to being at the Grand Canyon, this type of technology will at minimum peak the travelers interest. And encourage more visitation.

Indiana said...

This technology is absolutely fascinating! I spent quite a bit of time on Immersive Media's website and was impressed with the videos.