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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Travel Trends - Mobile, Email

ESPN Sees Huge Growth From Mobile Site - Some intriguing stats from sports-industry giant ESPN on the use of mobile internet. According to reports, the NFL section of received 4.5 million visits over a 24-hour period, while during the same period the mobile version of the same section received 4.9 million visits. As mentioned in the article the sports, news, email and weather categories are intuitive resources for mobile phone users, however the fact that this threshold has been crossed in still quite astounding. (re-post by RCR Wireless News)

2007 Consumer Email Snapshot - Great stats from EmailLabs / Jupiter Research on consumer email usage in 2007.

Email statistics presented by JupiterResearch vice president David Daniels, at the Email Insider Summit in Park City, Utah, Dec. 2007:

How Do Online Consumers Spend Their Time?

87%: Read email
70%: Search for information
64%: Do search
60%: Shop
37%: Use instant messaging

Email Usage

274: Average number of personal emails weekly
304 : Average number of business emails weekly
26%: Opt-in email campaigns as percentage of total inbox email
74% : Email users with 2 email accounts
18%: Email users who use mobile devices to sort email

Unsubscribing Behavior

53%: Say email is irrelevant
40%: Say email comes too often
26%: Unsubscribe using spam button

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