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Troy and Mo

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Putting the 'I' in Viral Makes Web Ads Infectious

Go munk, elf or scrooge yourself; everyone else is. Viral campaigns that ask consumers to add their own picture or voice to a person or animal have yielded substantial results for brands like OfficeMax, Purina and Careerbuilder. >>Full Story

Thoughts// Not totally travel related but a recent article in BrandWeek recently examined the popularity of ads that compel consumers to add their photos or voices into campaigns. Apparently we're all egotistical because these campaigns are extremely popular! Consider:

  • Burger King's "Simpsonize Me" has generated over 77 million page views and 40 million photos have been "Simpsonized"
  • 9.5 million elves bearing faces have been created on (ok, I'll admit I created mine just for this blog!)
  • 1 million "doggie emails" have been created on

While these campaigns are definitely fun and create good buzz for your brand, I am wondering if there are conversion studies that gauge how they impact the bottom line? For example, I was a huge fan of the "Snakes on Plane" promotion where your friends get a personalized (pre-recorded) phone call from Samuel L. Jackson...however, I never saw (nor do I intend to see) the movie.

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