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Friday, December 28, 2007 Design Poll - Results

Thanks, as always, to everyone who participated in our Design Poll, which asked members of the Travel 2.0: Interactive Trend Report what they thought of the new website design.

If you missed any of the posts and interviews about the new website, you can find the archives on the blog.

And the winner is:

What is your opinion of the new Visit Florida site?

Love it. - 9 (33%)
Like it. - 3 (11%)
Confused by it. - 6 (22%)
Like it, but not sure tourists will. - 3 (11%)
Don't like it. - 2 (7%)
Hate it. - 4 (14%)

An interesting mix of results...and FYI, I simply used the word 'hate' as a contrary word to 'love,' I am sure no one really 'hates' the site.

I can understand the positive and negative opinions on the design. The 'confused by it' category might be a sign that some additional education on the features of the site is needed. But, as with all websites, it really comes down to if the site delivers on its intended goal.

If it accomplishes that, it is a success.

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