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Troy and Mo

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Post It And They Will Come?

During my morning perusal of AdPulp, I came across the news of Ogilvy’s new advertising pitch for Tassimo coffee makers…which is going to consist of webisodes and a consumer-generated contest:

“Creating original, entertaining content gives Tassimo both cultural currency and permission for further conversations with consumers,” said Joseph Frydl, director of Ogilvy’s branded content and entertainment group. “Purely interruptive marketing simply cannot accomplish that.”

Beyond the fact that these webisodes, which has acting and production values that make it look like something that ran on my high school’s internal television channel, just aren’t original or entertaining, the idea that some webisodes, a website and a promotional overlay will start conversations with consumers is simply wishful thinking of the sort that somehow seems to convince clients, but reasonable people know are just empty words. >>Full Story

Thoughts// A great post from ad blog 'the daily (ad) biz' on a recent new media campaign for coffee maker Tassimo. As the article alludes to Tassimo simply followed the pattern of (what seems to be) every other new media / interactive / viral campaign that we have seen during the last year. Make some 'funny' videos (I use the word funny in quotes because the videos are merely laborious...I did not make it thought the whole clip), put up an authentic fake-office website and let the laughs roll in!

I am unsure how this online campaign complements the rest of the marketing campaign for Bob, but alas, I am afraid it misses the mark with or without an offline execution.

Like Mo and I have been talking about for a while, not all new media / interactive executions are right for your company / brand. It might be too expensive, too time-consuming, not have the right content or not the right fit for your audience.

Take the time and determine which one of these new and amazing interactive opportunities will be the best fit for your goals and target audience.

And if it is making a series of videos, just make sure they are actually funny.


Jeremy said...

I have to agree. I know that Tassimo's hearts are in the right place. They obviously want to engage with their audience, but I got about half-way through each video (I think it was half-way though, but I don't know for sure) and went on to the next page because the execution just wasn't there.

Troy said...

Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for the comment. I will add that not having a progress / status bar on the video is quite annoying. I had no idea where I was at in the video...and in this case, did not want to wait around until it finished.