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Troy and Mo

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Travel Trends - Oregon #1, Luv From Southwest

Oregon Is #1 - In honor of the great American road trip, our friends at the IgoUgo blog have selected, in an unscientific way (honestly, we are not sure how they picked them), the top ten 'most dynamic tourism websites'...and look who claimed the top spot, Travel Oregon. Congrats to Mo and the team at Travel Oregon. I am currently placing a request for a recount as we speak.

The top ten are:

  1. Travel Oregon
  2. Visit Florida
  3. South Dakota Tourism
  4. Utah Travel Council
    (IgoUgo reviewed the '.com' version, not the 'official,' official '.travel' version.
  5. Wyoming Tourism
  6. Arkansas Tourism
  7. New York State Tourism
  8. Minnesota Office of Tourism
  9. New Hampshire Division of Travel and Tourism
  10. North Carolina Tourism Services

Certainly a singular look at the sites, but still an interesting commentary on what some users are looking for in a travel site.

Luv From Southwest - Well known for there 'Luv' campaigns, Southwest sent along a little Valentine's Day card last week to it's Rapid Rewards customers. Honestly, what other airline could get away with such a thing and not look like hypocrites? The email was pretty simple, but included a fun little, brand-hypnotizing, fly your jet through the clouds of love game. Silly, sure, but I still played it.


Mo said...

Dude...Oregon is the BEAVER state...not the Duck state! :)

We're pretty humbled by the the rankings...there are a lot of very good state tourism sites out there and seeing the IGOUGO rankings was a nice surprise.

Troy said...

Yeah, I know, but I like Donald Duck, so there you go. When else would I be able to use that in a post?

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