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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Random Thoughts: They Came to My Website

Reading the postmortem on Super Bowl ads on Advertising Age the other day, I was struck by an article detailing the results of that annoyingly tacky According to estimates, two million users hit the site on Super Bowl Sunday to find out why Fox had rejected the ad and to see if Danica Patrick really exposed herself. Go Daddy CEO Bob Parsons hailed the ad as a rousing success even though 17% of males and 16% of females disliked the ad; in fact he said "I would be happy with that number even if it was 37%" because "they still came to the website". Which led me to the thought:

What if the GAP, Target, Wall-Mart and every other brick and mortar store started talking about foot traffic and web traffic as a measure of success instead of sales and "engagement" with the brand?

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