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Troy and Mo

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Travel Trends - California, .travel, 2007

California, The Land of Wine and Food - The California Travel and Tourism Commission has recently launched a new website and campaign in partnership with the California Wine Institute titled 'The Land of Wine and Food.' The site contains videos, Google map integration, wine info and wine blogs from regular Californians and celebrities such as Andrew Firestone (from 'The Bachelor' fame...personally, I always preferred Joe Millionaire, but I don't think he has a wine blog). The site looks great, but like most of these 'partnership' sites, it is lacking content. I could not find a simple address of a winery, let alone a link. And the search function displays worthy content (like this article on Lodi...hooray Lodi!) that is otherwise no where to be found on the site. Still, worth a look. Cheers.

More .travel
- Yes, more .travel. For those of you who thought I was crazy to dismiss the euphoric promise that is .travel (see my original argument and follow-up argument), I present an article from Jens Thraenhart, currently the Executive Director of Marketing Strategy at the Canadian Tourism Commission and fellow blogger. Here are the 'cliffs notes' version of the article:

Jens is a pretty smart guy and he agrees with me on .travel.

If you are keeping score:
Troy: 4
.travel: 0

Now, I should be fair when it comes to the .travel subject...if anyone finds a positive article about the current state of the domain name (which is not authored by someone directly involved with Tralliance, The Globe or EnCirca) just pass it my way.

The Year That Was - comScore recently released the 'U.S. Internet Year in Review,' which contained these interesting stats:

  • Total U.S. Internet Audience grew 5% from 175 million to 183 million. (including Home, Work and University users)

  • Social networking giant reaped the benefits of opening registration to all users, jumping 81 percent versus December 2006 to 34.7 million visitors in December 2007

  • Wikipedia Sites gained 34 percent to reach nearly 52 million visitors, continuing its reign as the Web's most popular reference hub

  • jumped 74 percent to 24.5 million visitors

  • AT&T grew 27 percent to 30.2 million visitors boosted by its exclusive deal with Apple as carrier for the iPhone

  • Yellow Book Network jumped 137-percent to 10.4 million visitors

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