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Troy and Mo

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Clicking with Hispanic Online Consumers

Hispanic online buyers will spend more on retail spending than any other minority group until at least 2011; incorporating customer product reviews is one way to cozy up to that market. For retailers interested in gaining more traction with the Hispanic online consumer base, the report suggests that they incorporate customer product reviews and recommendations from others. >> Full Story

Thoughts// An interesting summary of a March 2007 Jupiter Research/Ipsos-Insight report (209 U.S. online Hispanics and 1,900 U.S. online non-Hispanics). Highlights include:

  • 66 percent of Hispanics and 72 percent of non-Hispanics did not contribute content online regarding products during the past year. (Note: This just takes into account contributing content, not using or being influenced by content)

  • Online Hispanics are slightly more engaged than non-online Hispanics when it comes to rating items (2 percent more), tagging products (3 percent), and posting products on their social networking pages (1 percent).

  • 5 percent more likely to blog about products and 6 percent more likely to post product reviews on sites other than a retail Web site than their non-Hispanic counterparts.

  • Hispanic users are twice as likely as are non-Hispanic users to say they wanted to vent about bad experiences or warn other customers about products' shortcomings.

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