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Troy and Mo

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

When Web Branding Works

Want to craft an effective online branding campaign? Think pictures, not words. Keep it simple. And tie it in with your offline efforts.

Those are some of the common strategies behind eight campaigns Dynamic Logic found to be the most effective online branding efforts out of all the campaigns the company measured in 2006. >> Full Story

What the top campaigns had in common:

  • Keep it visually simple. Stick to little text and beautiful product shots. Online ads "are competing with a lot of other elements," said Michelle Eule, VP-research at Dynamic Logic.
  • Put the brand front and center.
  • Align online and offline campaigns. What's happening in other media can reinforce the online message and vice versa.
  • Incorporate video and rich media: McDonald's salad spun. Oreo cookies dunked. And try out various video units—pre-roll, full-page interstitials, in-banner video.
  • Add interactivity. Kraft let users virtually mix its Crystal Light On the Go product into a bottle of water.

Thoughts// An interesting look at some other online ads from 2006. The bullets above seem fairly obvious, but more often than not, some of these points are disregarded during ad creation. It should be noted that this study only included ads measured by Dynamic Logic, not all online ads. Still, some good case studies on what to do in online advertising.

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