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Monday, July 2, 2007

Yahoo Launches Behavior-Based SmartAds

Yahoo today launches behavior-based SmartAds, a product that epitomizes the blending of brand and direct response advertising. It allows advertisers to target their message and creative on-the-fly and triggered by online user behavior.

For example, a user based in San Francisco who frequents the Boxing page on Yahoo Sports and recently searched for "Vegas deals" might get a "smart" display ad from an airline featuring the customized offer and creative: "Fly San Francisco to Las Vegas for Fight Night - $99." >> Full Story

Thoughts// Some very interesting technology from Yahoo!. The new SmartAds offering will give advertising creative even more relevance to the end user. What remains to be seen is how all of this 'smart advertising' will affect user's trust...will they accept the ad as helpful or see the ad as a little too invasive? Note that Yahoo! will launch the new service first in the Travel category.

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