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Troy and Mo

Sunday, July 22, 2007

What the French Taught Us (Online Engagement in Politics)

Click on the Freestyle Zone, one of 16 video channels on French president Nicholas Sarkozy's Web site, and you begin to understand how this former candidate's Internet strategy played a big role in helping him win the May 6 election. >>Full Story

Thoughts// With CNN hosting a one-of-a-kind "YouTube" debate Monday and Tuesday night, this article on AdWeek offers a fascinating look at how the interactive medium, and tactics such as social networking, streaming video, played a key role in the political strategy for the recent French elections and how they've already inspired elections here.

(Note - This article does not directly relate to marketing/travel 2.0; however working in politics was my first immersion in marketing and I've always been inspired by the techniques used in political campaigns to
build "engagement". From the use of social networking, user generated video, blogs, twitter feeds and "friend" collections on Facebook and MySpace, technology is already leaving an indelible mark on the 2008 Presidential Election and will no doubt provide marketers some interesting case studies in the future)

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